inn 2.5.1 in freebsd jail with buffindexed

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Sun Nov 29 14:53:51 UTC 2009


> I used the db47 port instead, and compiled INN from source.

while troubleshooting I eventually did the same

> Julien already mentioned that you compiled your INN with ovdb support
> which doesn't make sense if you plan to use buffindexed instead.

Yeah, fixed that. I'm still not sure what exactly happened with that file 
but I corrected it.

> If you opt for ovdb instead of buffindexed then I would highly          
> recommend for adding "--with-zlib" (new compression mode for ovdb).

I'll look into that. Can I switch that on without the need to start from 
scratch with empty ovdb files ?

> I use ...
> | ezjail_procfs_enable="NO"
> | ezjail_fdescfs_enable="NO"
> ... instead. I do not need those two options in all my jails.

I switched those on just to be sure not to miss any functionality 
regarding my issue. The shmem error is related to the sysV system, I 
wasn't aware of that yesterday. So I struggled around the system looking 
for clues and switching on things in the hope that would help heh.

> Shot in the dark: FBSD 8.0 is out some days now. There's a lot of
> improvements regarding jails. But I'm not sure if this involves shared
> memory as well, actually I doubt.

Well, Julien's suggestion about SystemV shared memory made me to alter 
security.jail.sysvipc_allowed to 1. That proved to be succesfull and 
accordingly I mailed him (offlist, by accident).

I'm not aware of systemV changes in 8.0 as well. I plan to migrate the 
first box over to 8.0 next month. 

After verifying all was well (well, some minor cmsg and nocem issues are 
left now, seems the syntax of config files has been changed and I naively 
copied over just the old pre 2.5.x files), I tried inn-STABLE-20091128. 
That went okay, no issues or bad_command's to report; although 2 feeds, 
both <32k, !binary, not a very demanding environment.

Thank you for your reply.

Kind regards,

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