Call for LIST COUNTS testing

Julien ÉLIE julien at
Mon Nov 30 21:43:18 UTC 2009


Could people test LIST COUNTS with inn-CURRENT-20091201.tar.gz (or superior)?
Especially when the news server carries several thousands groups
and with different overview methods (tradindexed, buffindexed, ovdb).
We need to be sure that it is not significantly slower than LIST ACTIVE.

Thanks for your help.
(inn-CURRENT can be installed instead of inn-STABLE; that's not a problem,
they are currently interchangeable and do not differ much)

LIST COUNTS behaves like LIST ACTIVE except that it also returns the
number of articles in every newsgroup.
It is already implemented in Highwinds products (e.g. Cyclone, Tornado,
Typhoon, Twister -- when they support readers).

It can be useful for news readers which indicate the number of
articles in a newsgroup (otherwise, they have to send both LIST ACTIVE
and GROUP for every subscribed newsgroup at startup).
We still do not advertise COUNTS in the LIST capability but
it is expected that news readers use LIST COUNTS instead of LIST ACTIVE
when COUNTS is advertised.  (At least, tin already does.)

On my news server, that new LIST variant works pretty fast.
I carry about 640 newsgroups and I use tradindexed.


More information, less space!

You will even notice that it is more accurate than LIST ACTIVE,
especially for trigofacile.test.vide which is empty:

215 Newsgroups in form "group high low status"
trigofacile.test 0000000326 0000000006 y 0000000016 0000000001 y
trigofacile.test.batavia 0000023681 0000000001 y
trigofacile.test.vide 0000000001 0000000001 y
trigofacile.alias 0000000000 0000000001 y
trigofacile.test2 0000000020 0000000001 y
trigofacile.test3 0000000000 0000000001 =trigofacile.test2
trigofacile.test4 0000000001 0000000001 y
trigofacile.test5 0000000001 0000000001 y

215 Newsgroups in form "group high low count status"
trigofacile.test 326 6 297 y 16 1 14 y
trigofacile.test.batavia 23681 1 23681 y
trigofacile.test.vide 0 1 0 y
trigofacile.alias 0 1 0 y
trigofacile.test2 20 1 20 y
trigofacile.test3 0 1 0 =trigofacile.test2
trigofacile.test4 1 1 1 y
trigofacile.test5 1 1 1 y

Julien ÉLIE

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