Batcher and it's man page.

Kamil Jońca kjonca at
Tue Oct 20 20:22:25 UTC 2009

man batcher:

All other lines in the input should consist of one or two fields
separated by a single space.  The first field is either the storage API
token of an article or the name of a file holding an article.
 -S spool
           Specifies an additional spool directory to search in for
           articles.  If this option is given, the first field of an
           input line is a relative path name, and if the article isn't
           found in patharticles, it is also looked for under spool.

Unfortunately, it looks like that batcher ignores filenames, and
properly process only lines with storage tokens in them. 

Is it planned restoration of handling lines with filenames? (Or I have
to write it by myself? :) )


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