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> I am concerned about the number of users of the technology in general
> and experts/reviewers in particular. Some Area Directors have much
> higher bar for sponsoring documents than I do, yet I am still trying to
> decide if investing my AD time in NNTP is a good way of spending time.

Unfortunately I don't think NNTP specs fit into another area.  And my understanding is that a non-experimental specification defining a protocol that traverses ADMD boundaries has to be standards track.

But the issue of the absence of expertise in the IETF to conduct meaningful reviews is an interesting one, as is the presumably dwindling user base.  Perhaps those are reasons to do them as informational or experimental until there's evidence of the opposite.

In my view, the risk here is precedent; forcing these to some other track sets the bar higher for other proposals in niche areas that might otherwise merit standards track processing.

Then again, perhaps that's an appropriate precedent to have.
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