Filtering posts based on Path: contents.

Russ Allbery rra at
Wed May 19 01:01:11 UTC 2010

Grant Taylor <gtaylor at> writes:

> How do I configure INN to reject messages that contain a host in the
> Path: header?

See newsfeeds(5):

    The site named "ME" is special.  There must be exactly one such entry,
    and it should be the first entry in the file.  If the "ME" entry has an
    exclusion sub-field, incoming articles are rejected completely if any
    of the names specified in that exclusion sub-field appear in their
    Path: headers.  [...]

An "exclusion subfield" is the part following a slash after the site name
in the newsfeeds syntax:


The /exclude,exclude part is the exclusion subfield.

So, in short, add that Path entry after the / in the ME entry in your
newsfeeds file (and then ctlinnd reload newsfeeds).


> Note that there are multiple systems in the Path: header from the problem
> ""site so I'd like to simply filter based on <domain>.<tld> where the
> Path: header will contain <machine>.<domain>.<tld>.

...I'm afraid there's no support for this.  INN doesn't support wildcard
matching on Path headers.  For this, you'd probably be best off using an
embedded filter.

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