Call for inncheck testing

Florian Schlichting fschlich at CIS.FU-Berlin.DE
Thu Jul 7 00:11:32 UTC 2011

Hi everyone,

> > If you run INN 2.5.0 or later, could you please report issues with a run 
> > of inncheck on your system?

oh dear, testing is a good idea it seems...

> /news/etc/innfeed.conf: required key initial-sleep not defined in global scope.
> /news/etc/innfeed.conf: required key force-ipv4 not defined in global scope.
> This looks suspicious - not sure if these are really required.

I have no idea if they are actually required or what will happen when
they're not there. The manpage says they *must* be specified at global
scope, so I thought it prudent for inncheck to complain. In principle,
though, it would be good if innfeed has safe defaults for everything...

> /news/etc/readers.conf:17: not a valid option name: require_ssl
> /news/etc/readers.conf:17: option true must be immediately followed by a colon
> /news/etc/readers.conf:17: not a valid option name: true
> Line 17 contains "require_ssl: true", which should be valid.
> /news/etc/readers.conf:26: not a valid list of hostnames or netblocks: ', 2001:610:1108::/48'
> All other IPv6 IPs and subnets in readers.conf get rejected as well.

there was a typo, inncheck was looking for require-ssl instead of
require_ssl; and it wasn't accepting IPv6 addresses in CIDR notation at
all! This should fix things (well, not for IPv6 wildmats - what would
they be used for, what would they look like?):

--- bin/    2011-07-07 01:55:46.600373580 +0200
+++ bin/inncheck        2011-07-07 02:00:07.860370741 +0200
@@ -164,9 +164,10 @@
 my $ipv4_cidr = "$ip(?:$dot$ip){0,3}\\/[1-3]?\\d";
 my $ipv4_wildmat = '[\d\[\]\*]+(?:\.[\d\[\]\*]+){0,3}';
 my $ipv6 = '[\da-f:.]+'; # e.g. ::ffff:
+my $ipv6_cidr = '[\da-f:.]+(?:\\/1?\d?\d)?'; # matches $ipv6 as well
 my $hostname = '[\w-]+|[\w.-]+\.[a-zA-Z]{2,}'; # hostname, FQDN
 my $hostnameRE = "(?:$hostname|$ipv4|$ipv6)";
-my $hostblockRE = '(?:(?:[-\w\[\]\*\?]+\.)?'."(?:$hostname)|$ipv4_wildmat|$ipv4_cidr|$ipv6)"; # Assumption: wildmat chars only in leftmost subdomain part
+my $hostblockRE = '(?:(?:[-\w\[\]\*\?]+\.)?'."(?:$hostname)|$ipv4_wildmat|$ipv4_cidr|$ipv6_cidr)"; # Assumption: wildmat chars only in leftmost subdomain part
 my %type_regex = (
     'boolean'                           => '^(?:true|false)$', # innfeed.conf doesn't allow other
     'floating-point number'             => '^\d+\.\d+$',       # no exponents
@@ -908,7 +909,7 @@
                 'default'       => 'string',
                 'default-domain'=> 'string',
                 'key'           => 'string',
-                'require-ssl'   => 'boolean',
+                'require_ssl'   => 'boolean',
                 'perl_access'   => 'path',
                 'python_access' => 'path',
                 'python_dynamic'=> 'path',

Sorry for these issues!
And please keep testing...


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