Call for inncheck testing

Julien ÉLIE julien at
Thu Jul 7 08:56:57 UTC 2011

Hi Florian,

>> /news/etc/innfeed.conf: required key initial-sleep not defined in global scope.
>> /news/etc/innfeed.conf: required key force-ipv4 not defined in global scope.
>> This looks suspicious - not sure if these are really required.
> I have no idea if they are actually required or what will happen when
> they're not there. The manpage says they *must* be specified at global
> scope, so I thought it prudent for inncheck to complain. In principle,
> though, it would be good if innfeed has safe defaults for everything...

These two keys are not required, and have default values.

#define FORCE_IPv4 false

static unsigned int initialSleep = 2 ;
   if (getInteger (topScope,"initial-sleep",&ival,NO_INHERIT))
     initialSleep = (unsigned int) ival ;

The description of force-ipv4 is correct in the man page.  But not 
initial-sleep (it does not mention the *default* value).
I agree that these options are not in the right subsection of the man 
page (they should not be in the required keys).

     This key requires a boolean value.  By default, it is set to false.
     Setting it to true is the same as setting bindaddress6 to "none"
     and removing bindaddress from "none" if it was set.

     This key requires a positive integer.  A common value is 2.  It
     defines the number of seconds to wait when innfeed (or a fork)
     starts, before beginning to open connections to remote hosts.

I can check that if you want and reorganize the man page.
I am waiting for your confirmation or refusal, so that we do not do the 
work twice!

> And please keep testing...

I think you will like this one :)

In readers.conf:

include readers2.conf

The "include" directive is not understood.
(Be careful that both readers.conf and included files can be partially 
formatted files.  It means that readers2.conf can for instance consist 
only of a closing bracket "}"…)

Oh, it is true that it is an undocumented "feature" of readers.conf…
It is not mentioned in its man page (I have a pending update, but still 
unfinished because I got stuck with a few things I had to investigate 
about SASL support and also how parsing is done — it does not look clean.)

Julien ÉLIE

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