Call for inncheck testing

Julien ÉLIE julien at
Thu Jul 7 09:14:52 UTC 2011

Hi Alexander,

> Testing with stock installation on Ubuntu 10.04.2 LTS.
> $ perl -w | grep -v 'should be news'
> /etc/news/incoming.conf:0: mode 644, should be between 400 and 660
> /etc/news/innfeed.conf:0: mode 644, should be between 400 and 660

It is because these files can contain passwords.
This check is done out of safety.

The current Debian package uses 640 (root:news) for incoming.conf and 
passwd.nntp.  I think it is scheduled to also do it for innfeed.conf in 
the next package.

> innconfval: /etc/news/inn.conf:175: unknown parameter tlscapath
> innconfval: /etc/news/inn.conf:176: unknown parameter tlscertfile
> innconfval: /etc/news/inn.conf:177: unknown parameter tlskeyfile

Would it mean that the Ubuntu package is not compiled with TLS support 
and, yet, ships these keys in its default inn.conf file?
If that is the case, they should change it.  Our (upstream) inn.conf 
sample has these lines commented.

> /etc/news/newsfeeds:1125: malformed line.
> /etc/news/newsfeeds:2141: malformed line.
> The diagnostic "malformed line" is not helpful.

Do you see something special in these lines?
Could you please tell us what these lines are?  (with correct whitespaces)
Hmm…  isn't it the same newsfeeds file as the one shipped in the Debian 

> /etc/news/storage.conf:57: not a valid minsize[,maxsize] definition:
> '16384,'
> And the last line is probably due to a changed syntax requirement.

Or a parsing not as strict as it should be when INN reads the file…


                   case SMsize:
                     minsize = strtoul(p, NULL, 10);
                     if ((p = strchr(p, ',')) != NULL) {
                         maxsize = strtoul(p, NULL, 10);

so maxsize will be 0 and I read in the source code:

                   maxsize = 0; /* zero means no limit */

The behaviour is the expected one.

Julien ÉLIE

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