Call for inncheck testing

Alexander Bartolich alexander.bartolich at
Thu Jul 7 10:31:15 UTC 2011

Julien ÉLIE wrote:
>> [...]
>> innconfval: /etc/news/inn.conf:175: unknown parameter tlscapath
>> innconfval: /etc/news/inn.conf:176: unknown parameter tlscertfile
>> innconfval: /etc/news/inn.conf:177: unknown parameter tlskeyfile
> Would it mean that the Ubuntu package is not compiled with TLS support
 > and, yet, ships these keys in its default inn.conf file?
> If that is the case, they should change it. Our (upstream) inn.conf
 > sample has these lines commented.

Ubuntu 10.04 ships INN 2.5.1. Parameters tlscapath, tlscertfile and
tlskeyfile are the correct and documented way to configure TLS support
with that version of INN.

>> /etc/news/newsfeeds:1125: malformed line.
>> /etc/news/newsfeeds:2141: malformed line.
>> The diagnostic "malformed line" is not helpful.
> Do you see something special in these lines?

Both messages specify the last line of a very long macro definition,
i.e. something like


The whole thing spans a few hundred lines.

	grep -c '^\$' newsfeeds

returns 33, but only 2 of them are flagged.



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