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Florian Schlichting fschlich at CIS.FU-Berlin.DE
Thu Mar 3 20:58:03 UTC 2011

Hi James, 

I was hoping somebody else would chime in with a pertinent reply...
Just two more things from me:

> Thanks for the reply, but this doesn't seeem to be my issue. I'm not using any 
> user/pass for auth, and can telnet fine to both servers from both servers.

You did make sure there's not some weird garbage in passwd.nntp, and
that the file actually exists in pathetc and is readable?

Otherwise, all I can suggest is manually debugging the source. Your
error occurs in backends/innxmit.c on line 1158:

    if (NNTPsendpassword(REMhost, From, To) < 0 || GotAlarm) {

GotAlarm would be a timeout, which would be noted in the syslog.
NNTPsendpassword() is lib/sendpass.c, that's where you'd want to find
out exactly where things go wrong in your case...

> And here is some tcpdump output that seems to suggest it's the old server 
> (morpheus) that's breaking off the connection:

Yes, that's by design, and also visible from the "readclose" in your new
server's syslog ("Don't send quit; we want the remote to print a
message." backends/innxmit.c:1163)

One more thing: if you just can't get on, you might consider "the uucp
way": batch up all your articles in one file (with batcher?), transfer
that manually, and inject the batch on the new server with rnews.

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