Moving servers

James "Reggie" Reilly fun at
Thu Mar 3 21:08:29 UTC 2011

On Thu, Mar 03, 2011 at 09:58:03PM +0100, Florian Schlichting wrote:
> Hi James, 
> I was hoping somebody else would chime in with a pertinent reply...
> Just two more things from me:
> > Thanks for the reply, but this doesn't seeem to be my issue. I'm not using any 
> > user/pass for auth, and can telnet fine to both servers from both servers.
> You did make sure there's not some weird garbage in passwd.nntp, and
> that the file actually exists in pathetc and is readable?

Hi Florian,

What exactly is the entry supposed to look like? Permissions are set 640 and 
chowned news:news.

James Reilly

> Otherwise, all I can suggest is manually debugging the source. Your
> error occurs in backends/innxmit.c on line 1158:
>     if (NNTPsendpassword(REMhost, From, To) < 0 || GotAlarm) {
> GotAlarm would be a timeout, which would be noted in the syslog.
> NNTPsendpassword() is lib/sendpass.c, that's where you'd want to find
> out exactly where things go wrong in your case...
> > And here is some tcpdump output that seems to suggest it's the old server 
> > (morpheus) that's breaking off the connection:
> Yes, that's by design, and also visible from the "readclose" in your new
> server's syslog ("Don't send quit; we want the remote to print a
> message." backends/innxmit.c:1163)
> One more thing: if you just can't get on, you might consider "the uucp
> way": batch up all your articles in one file (with batcher?), transfer
> that manually, and inject the batch on the new server with rnews.
> Florian

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