Invalid 431 response when server is paused

River Tarnell river at RT.UK.EU.ORG
Tue Jan 3 00:20:44 UTC 2012

Julien ÉLIE:
> >It will handle it, but only in the same way it handles any unexpected[0]
> >response: it will disconnect, wait about 60 seconds, then reconnect and
> >try again with the same message-id.

> >[0] By which I mean "not 239 or 439".
> Even 480 (authentication needed) or 483 (encryption needed)?

Yes -- but again, only because I didn't get around to making it do 
something special with those.  At the moment it doesn't support 
authentication or encryption, so we couldn't do anything useful other 
than log an error anyway.

> >No.  Or rather, it does the same thing as 400: it will try to re-send
> >the article later.  So if the remote server is more strict about
> >message-ids than we are, the queue would block trying to send the same
> >article forever.
> That is unfortunately not the best thing to do with 501.  It can
> block a feeder.

I agree... however, while trying to fix it, I ran into a problem: I 
store separate queues for CHECK and TAKETHIS commands on the same 
connection.  That's fine normally because the response code indicates 
what kind of command it was, but 501 could be either.  

However it shouldn't be too hard to refactor a little to fix that.

> >Of course, since INN doesn't actually send 501 at the moment, we avoid
> >the problem here.
> Yes, and I do not see well when this behaviour could be changed...
> Especially when reading your other mail in the NNTP working group
> about CAPABILITIES causing 500 and a disconnection on Cyclone
> servers.  I bet 501 will not be understood by many servers.

Currently I return 438 for invalid msg-id, but I may try changing it to 
501 and see what happens.  I think I have peers with most of the 
commonly used server software (INN, Diablo and Cyclone, at least).

> >For reference, the feeder source is here:
> ><>  (mostly the
> >fe_running() function).
> When trying to access the page:
> "An Exception Has Occurred
> rt not found!"

Sorry, I moved the repository and forgot to update the viewvc config.  
It should be working now.

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