Invalid 431 response when server is paused

Julien ÉLIE julien at
Fri Jan 6 19:31:33 UTC 2012

Hi River,

>> Is nnrpd's IHAVE "*really* slow"?  (I have not benchmarked it; I ask
>> in case you already compared it to innd's IHAVE and had figures.)
> Compared to INN's IHAVE, I don't know.  But it's definitely much slower
> than streaming.  (Perhaps someone should add streaming to nnrpd, and do
> away with innd entirely ;-)

It is true that nnrpd only lacks streaming.  Yet, without innd, nnrpd 
does not do many things -- save reading of course.  nnrpd cannot inject 
articles; it just "pushes" articles to innd, which then do all the work.

>>> (I recall some confusion about whether a line that starts
>>> with "." but has further text on it should be escaped or not.)
>> A confusion in an existing document?
> No, rather someone (on ietf-nntp, I think) who was unclear about what
> exactly should be escaped.  Which given the ad-hoc nature of NNTP, means
> there could be a server out there that gets it wrong.  However I've
> never actually seen that in practice.

Something tricky is to properly count :bytes (for OVER and HDR 
responses).  Another caveat is not to forget to dot-stuff LIST MOTD, 
responses in case the server reads a file written by a user.

Julien ÉLIE

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