Division by zero in innreport

John F. Morse inn at xanadu-bbs.net
Sat Jan 7 08:24:21 UTC 2012

Hi Julien,

>> Could you please try the patch I attach to this mail?
>> Just apply it against <pathbin>/innreport.
>> Alexander, could you please also try it on Albasani so that we verify 
>> that your HTML reports are properly updated the following day?
>> Thanks beforehand to both of you,
> Thanks to you, Julien.
> Patch applied to one server.
> We'll look at the results after midnight.

Looks good here also and no previous HTML was lost.

Applied to remaining INN 2.5.2 servers and ran "scanlogs norotate" which 
worked and displayed the missing six days of HTML.

Evidentially the 2.4.3 code does not suffer from this bug. They are all 
working fine, and haven't had any error messages in the Daily Reports.

As for your thoughts of additional time to run, I see no difference between 
the time the e-mail was sent at 00:22 and previous days.

Thanks for your work.


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