Division by zero in innreport

Petr Novopashenniy pety at rusnet.ru
Tue Jan 17 13:02:36 UTC 2012

Good day, All!

On Sat, 7 Jan 2012, Julien ?LIE wrote:

JL> Hi John,
JL> > Earlier I didn't notice the main page was "frozen" like albasani's is,
JL> > but I see the same things here, and can find the good reports.
JL> > 
JL> > Is there anything you could suggest to change to get it restarted?
JL> > Something like a quick text edit of a date and/or time in /var/www
JL> > perhaps?
JL> There is a quick text edit to modify the identical timestamps, as I hinted
JL> at in my previous mail ("Dec 31 04:15:02 -- Jan  1 04:15:02" could become
JL> "Dec 31 04:15:02 -- Jan  1 05:15:02").
JL> However, real fixes are better!
JL> Could you please try the patch I attach to this mail?
JL> Just apply it against <pathbin>/innreport.

After patching, I get this error:
Day '29' out of range 1..28 at /usr/local/news/bin/innreport line 771

And innreport does not update the index page.


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