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Russ Allbery rra at
Sat Jun 16 19:57:57 UTC 2012

"John F. Morse" <inn at> writes:

> My INN 2.5.2 reader server on Debian Squeeze was compiled for SSL/TLS support.

> Is that still a requirement (because the Debian APT package does not
> support TLS)?

I'm using the stock Debian squeeze packages for TLS and it seems to be
working fine.

> Could a vanilla INN (with or without TLS compiled in), and listening on
> port 119, be accessed through Stunnel, which is configured to decrypt
> its incoming port 563 data and send it out to port 119 and to the reader
> server's IP?

> In simpler terms, can Stunnel be used without problems?

Yeah, you can use stunnel.  We used to before we switched to using the
native TLS support.  I intensely dislike stunnel due to a past history of
hanging, dying, going runaway, and otherwise misbehaving, but if you're
not having those problems with it, it's a reasonable alternative.

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