Questions about installation from source

John F. Morse inn at
Sat Jun 16 19:36:22 UTC 2012

Julien ÉLIE wrote:
> Hi Martin,

>> finally how to open port 563
>> somthing like
>> edit  /etc/init.d/inn2 init
> nnrpd will open it for you when it starts.

My INN 2.5.2 reader server on Debian Squeeze was compiled for SSL/TLS support.

Is that still a requirement (because the Debian APT package does not support TLS)?

In use, I find an occasional delay when connecting, sometimes as long as five 
seconds. Once the initial connection is made, later connections are immediate. 
I see nothing in the log other than what I would expect. It is just slow if I 
haven't connected in some time.

Could a vanilla INN (with or without TLS compiled in), and listening on port 
119, be accessed through Stunnel, which is configured to decrypt its incoming 
port 563 data and send it out to port 119 and to the reader server's IP?

In simpler terms, can Stunnel be used without problems?

Are other INN administrators using Stunnel instead of compiling SSL/TLS into INN?

I do use Stunnel now for several Web servers, MTAs, ssh, etc. It is quite 
simple to configure.


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