cnfsstat issue?

Julien ÉLIE julien at
Mon Feb 25 21:37:03 UTC 2013

Hi Jesse,

> I am running 2.5.3.  Interestingly enough, I just restarted INN and now
> it is displaying the same information with and without the -a flag as I
> would expect.  Not sure how it was out of sync, but it seems to be fine
> now.  Is it possible there is some corruption in either history or the
> cycbuff itself?

I think that if there was a corruption, the same wrong date would be 
given by "cnfsstat" and "cnfsstat -a" as they compute the date in the 
same way.

Did you run "cnfsstat", "cnfsstat -a" and then again "cnfsstat" to 
confirm two consecutive runs of "cnfsstat" gave the same result, 
different from "cnfsstat -a" run between them?
Otherwise, an article may have come.

 >>> Newest: 2013-02-25  9:50:50,    0 days, 5:08:16 ago
 >>> Newest: 2013-02-25 14:48:39,    0 days, 0:11:05 ago

First output ("cnfsstat") seems to have been run at 14:59:06.
Second output ("cnfsstat -a") at 14h59h46.  Looks like an article was 
received between the two runs (?)

Julien ÉLIE

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