cnfsstat issue?

Jesse Rehmer jesse.rehmer at
Mon Feb 25 21:44:36 UTC 2013

Hi Julien,

> First output ("cnfsstat") seems to have been run at 14:59:06.
> Second output ("cnfsstat -a") at 14h59h46.  Looks like an article was 
> received between the two runs (?)

The two commands were ran a few seconds apart.  I tried this multiple 
times with the same result.  I'm having a derp moment, because I just 
realized that the header is not written back to disk until 25 articles 
have been written.  In my case alt.bin* is very low volume and likely 
did not have 25 articles written to disk in between these times.  I 
think I need more coffee.  :-)

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