Using patterns in incoming.conf for exclusion?

Florian Schlichting fschlich at
Thu Mar 28 10:46:41 UTC 2013

Hi Jesse,

do you have wanttrash set to true in inn.conf?

> I was wondering if anyone was using the "patterns" directive in
> incoming.conf to limit newsgroups accepted by remote peers?  I've
> got a need to exclude *.sex.* and *.sex newsgroups.  While I'm
> working with my peers to exclude these on their end I found that the
> patterns directive in incoming.conf should be able to do this as
> well.

I don't use incoming patters, but the way newsfeeds work, the
newsgroups line of an article can only be checked *after* that article
has been received. A feeding server either sends all the articles it has
for a peer, or it asks if the peer wants a certain message-id, and then
sends that or not. There is a filter_messageid() function in, but as said, the content of the Newsgroups header are
not known at that time.

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