Using patterns in incoming.conf for exclusion?

Jesse Rehmer jesse.rehmer at
Thu Mar 28 14:20:41 UTC 2013

Florian Schlichting wrote:
> Hi Jesse,
> do you have wanttrash set to true in inn.conf?
I do have wanttrash set to true.  I wasn't sure if that would affect 
whether or not articles matching the pattern would be accepted or if it 
trumps all other avenues of filtering.
> I don't use incoming patters, but the way newsfeeds work, the
> newsgroups line of an article can only be checked *after* that article
> has been received. A feeding server either sends all the articles it has
> for a peer, or it asks if the peer wants a certain message-id, and then
> sends that or not. There is a filter_messageid() function in
>, but as said, the content of the Newsgroups header are
> not known at that time.
I realize that I will still be accepting the articles, but would prefer 
not to propagate them to downstream peers.  I can control that in the 
newsfeeds file, but in the situation I had yesterday it would have been 
easier to just add an exclude pattern to the one inbound peer who was 
feeding me those unwanted articles.

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