Tweaking inn.conf values for INN 2.6.0

Julien ÉLIE julien at
Sun Jul 12 20:39:58 UTC 2015

Hi all,

For INN 2.6.0, I suggest to modify a few inn.conf default values to 
better match current practices.

Feel free to comment in case you disagree with these proposals or you 
suggest another default value.

* overcachesize: increase from 64 to 128

* wireformat: switch from false to true
(better performances)

* msgidcachesize: increase from 16000 to 64000

* logcycles: increase from 3 to 30
(the current number is ridiculously low; at least a month of archived 
compressed logs could be kept)

* logstatus: switch from false to true

* nnrpdoverstats: switch from false to true

* status: increase from 0 to 600

* timer: increase from 0 to 600
(this way, we enable logging by default, every 10 minutes)

* datamovethreshold: increase from 8192 to 16384

For the new addinjectionpostingaccount parameter (added in INN 2.6.0), 
the default value is false, that is to say the posting-account attribute 
is not added to Injection-Info: headers.  It is supposed to contain the 
username assigned to the user at connection time or after authentication.
I am still unsure what the best default value should be.  Maybe enabling 
it by default should be what to do for INN 2.6.0?

Comments are of course welcome for other inn.conf default values or even 
for other configuration files.

Julien ÉLIE

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