INN and local cancel messages

Russ Allbery eagle at
Wed Feb 3 20:34:39 UTC 2016

Chris Knipe <savage at> writes:

> If I cancel a message locally on INN (innctld cancel <messageid>),

> How is the message (and more importantly, space) in a CYCBUFF re-used?  Is
> it reused at all, or not?

It's not.  The cycbuff doesn't go back and use space until it rolls over
and the whole cycbuff starts being reused.

> From what I can gather, the actual message file is removed in a timehash
> store, and I suspect the same would hold true for timecaf and tradspool
> (i.e. the storage space is return to the OS),


> but from the documentation I am unable to determine whether the space
> will be re-used for a different (new) article when I use a CYCBUFF
> (i.e. storage space return to CYCBUFF).

Nope.  It's exactly the same from a storage perspective as if you hadn't
cancelled the article.  The only thing that ctlinnd cancel does is remove
the article from overview and hide it from clients.

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