INN and openssl 1.1

The Doctor doctor at
Tue Jan 19 16:14:22 UTC 2016

Only some minor tweeks are needed for Openssl 1.1 compatability AFAIK.

The only affected file is nnrpd/tls.c

When compiling INN with openssl 1.1  I get,

/usr/source/inn-CURRENT-20160119/nnrpd/tls.c:496: undefined reference to `SSLeay_add_ssl_algorithms' 

So 496 to 498 Currently read


    CTX = SSL_CTX_new(SSLv23_server_method());   

For Openssl 1.1 they would need to read


    CTX = SSL_CTX_new(TLS_server_method());  


Hopefully  OPenssl commiter for 1.1 branch will hear my plea for 
backwards compatability so that

you have

#define SSLeay_add_ssl_algorithms OpenSSL_add_ssl_algorithms
#define SSLv23_server_method TLS_server_method

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