Re-allocating CNFS Buffers - best way to do so?

avon at avon at
Fri Jan 8 21:49:18 UTC 2016

Hi Russ,

Thanks for the reply. 

OK based on your feedback I will have a go and just shift one cycbuff
between metacycbuff then restart INN and see if it is still happy.

Best, Paul.

> I haven't done this in a long time, but I thought only the cycbuff, not
> the metacycbuff, was noted in the storage API tokens.  So I think you
> can just move the buffers to a different metacycbuff and restart INN
> and things will Just Work.
> Yeah, looking at the CNFS code, I think that's correct.
> I don't see any reason why you'd have permission issues, since INN is
> currently writing to all of those buffers anyway.

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