INN with non-email IDs in "From:"?

DataPacRat datapacrat at
Thu Jul 28 15:38:06 UTC 2016

I'm gradually putting together the outline for a comm project, in
which I hope some version of INN will be the main component. There is,
however, one item on the "wish list" section of the project's goals
that I don't know how to approach: Modifying INN's source code so that
the "From:" header doesn't have to be an email address, but could be a
Twitter @handle, or a Ricochet address (eg,
ricochet:rs7ce36jsj24ogfw), or an URL pointing to a FaceBook profile
or a vCard, or anything of the sort. (If the From: header could be
expanded to accept URIs, instead of arbitrary text-strings, that would
work well enough for this project.)

I know how to run scripts and edit config files; learning enough about
INN's source to even know which files would have to be altered, let
alone figuring out how to patch them, would probably take more time
than I can allot to the whole project. I'm hoping someone here might
know enough to tell me "Just edit file X line Y and comment out the
'email check' call", or at least point me in the right direction.

So - can you help me with this?

Thank you for your time,
"Then again, I could be wrong."

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