Problems making local postings to inn2

Russ Allbery eagle at
Sat Jun 3 01:02:10 UTC 2017

Jeffery Small <jeff at> writes:

> Is there possibly some way to make inn2 less restrictive and go ahead
> and post even if certain errors are detected?  The code snipet below
> doesn't show any method for this, but maybe elsewhere?  (Unlikely, I
> know!)

It is possible to turn off various checks, but I think it's a fairly bad
idea to turn off this one because it indicates that the message is badly
malformed.  I suspect that turning off this check would result in worse
failures later on, since the message probably can't be stored or retrieved
properly because the headers can't be parsed.

That possibly isn't the case if the problem is just a stray non-ASCII
character, but it sounded like you didn't think that was the case, and
it's the same check that catches completely malformed messages.

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