Problems making local postings to inn2

Kamil Jońca kjonca at
Sat Jun 3 04:29:21 UTC 2017

Jeffery Small <jeff at> writes:

> I recently upgraded from Ubuntu 16.10 to 17.04 and have been having many
> problems making local postings to the news system.  There was likely
> an upgrade of inn2 to version 2.6.1-1 at this time.
> For years I've been using the mailagent(1) program to filter various incoming
> emails into the news service and posting still works in general, but I am now
> seeing a LOT of the following new messages in my mailer log file:

I suspect that you have emails with empty headers in them.
See discussion "relaxing a few checks" about mailpost :)
Do you have copy of rejected emails?
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