No Injection-Date: if Message-ID: present?

Thomas Hochstein inn-workers at
Sun Sep 10 13:25:50 UTC 2017

Hi everybody.

I'm using INN 2.6.1 (Debian package 2.6.1-2) after updateding to
Debian stretch just some days ago. Debian jessie had 2.5.4, so those
Injection-* headers are quite new for me.

Today I noticed that my (locally submitted) posts don't have an
Injection-Date: header, although I have set "addinjectiondate" to
"true" in my inn.conf (which is the default setting anyway).

After a bit of testing it seems that I *do* get Injection-Date: set if
I don't submit a Message-ID: when posting (to nnrpd). If I include my
own Message-ID: to the POSTed message, Injection-Date: is *not* added
(but Injection-Info: is).

I don't think that's the way that should work.


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