No Injection-Date: if Message-ID: present?

Thomas Hochstein inn-workers at
Sat Sep 16 19:46:14 UTC 2017

Russ Allbery wrote:

> If the proto-article had
>         both a Message-ID header field and a Date header field, an
>         Injection-Date header field MUST NOT be added, 

Wouldn't it help to add such a sentence to the documentation, e.g. to
the inn.conf man page?

Neither inn.conf(5) nor readers.conf(5) nor the news file or changelog
currently make any mention of that constraint:

| Whether to add an Injection-Date: header to all local posts.  This is a
| boolean value and the default is true.

| =item B<localtime:>
| If a Date: or an Injection-Date: header field is not included in a
| posted article, nnrpd(8) normally adds these header fields in UTC.

| The Injection-Date: header is now generated by B<nnrpd> at injection time
| instead of the deprecated NNTP-Posting-Date: header, when I<addinjectiondate>
| is set to true.

That sounds like Injection-Date: would unconditionally be added as a
replacement for NNTP-Posting-Date.

I'll attach a patch (which will need some polishing ...).


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