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Wed Dec 23 20:37:24 UTC 2020

Quoth Julien ÉLIE <julien at trigofacile.com>:
> Note that I've renamed the --with-sqlite3 configure flag to --with-sqlite out of consistency with our other configure flags, that do not mention a version.

I'd say the 3 is part of the name rather than a version.
Include file name: sqlite3.h
Library file name: libsqlite3.a

> Do you prefer Bo or /Bo (like in your signature) ?

"Bo".  The "/" is just a nonstandard separator.

> Do you want your e-mail to be added in the HISTORY section of POD files?

It's visible in the mailing list archive anyway, so go ahead.

> +Bo Lindbergh has implemented a new overview storage method based on
> +SQLite, known for its long-term stability and compatibility.  Fast and
> +reliable, this new SQLite-based method is a perfect choice to store
> +overview data.

I don't know about "fast".  It's slower than ovdb when writing, after all.
It's faster than ovdb when reading whole ranges, since it transfers
overview data between ovsqlite-server and nnrpd in 128-kilobyte chunks.

The rest looks good.  Did you select a lower default transaction row limit?

/Bo Lindbergh

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