Julien ÉLIE julien at trigofacile.com
Wed Dec 23 21:06:03 UTC 2020

Hi Bo,

>> Note that I've renamed the --with-sqlite3 configure flag to
>> --with-sqlite out of consistency with our other configure flags, that do
>> not mention a version.
> I'd say the 3 is part of the name rather than a version.
> Include file name: sqlite3.h
> Library file name: libsqlite3.a

Hmm...  Like we have --with-krb5, looking for libkrb5, for Kerberos V5. 
  But unlike --with-sasl, looking for libsasl2, for Cyrus SASL...

@Russ, do you plan on renaming sqlite.m4 to sqlite3.m4 in rra-c-util too?

>> Do you want your e-mail to be added in the HISTORY section of POD files?
> It's visible in the mailing list archive anyway, so go ahead.

OK, noted.

>> +Bo Lindbergh has implemented a new overview storage method based on
>> +SQLite, known for its long-term stability and compatibility.  Fast and
>> +reliable, this new SQLite-based method is a perfect choice to store
>> +overview data.
> I don't know about "fast".  It's slower than ovdb when writing, after all.
> It's faster than ovdb when reading whole ranges, since it transfers
> overview data between ovsqlite-server and nnrpd in 128-kilobyte chunks.

"Robust and faster at reading ranges of overview data, but somewhat 
slower at writing" would be a better description?

> The rest looks good.  Did you select a lower default transaction row limit?

I kept the default of 10,000 transactions.  Anyway, my news server 
receives far less articles than this, so the time limit of 10s always 
I increased it during makehistory but I'm unsure it improves speed 
(commits are probably faster than makehistory collecting the next bunch 
of overview lines to add).  Maybe that suggestion should not be kept 
after all?

Julien ÉLIE

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