Julien ÉLIE julien at trigofacile.com
Wed Dec 23 22:28:28 UTC 2020

Hi Bo,

>> "Robust and faster at reading ranges of overview data, but
>> somewhat  slower at writing" would be a better description?
> Good enough.


>> I kept the default of 10,000 transactions.  Anyway, my news server 
>> receives far less articles than this, so the time limit of 10s
>> always applies.
>> I increased it during makehistory but I'm unsure it improves speed 
>> (commits are probably faster than makehistory collecting the next
>> bunch of overview lines to add).  Maybe that suggestion should not
>> be kept after all?
> In my makehistory tests using an external USB disk, throughput didn't
> increase much for row limits above 10000.
> Maybe leave the default at that and instead advise admins to adjust
> the time limit according to how many articles they accept per second
> during normal operation?

Having a look at aioe's innreport:

Incoming articles seem to be less than 1000/hour, 15000/day for a 
full-text feed.
1000/hour is less than 3 articles per 10s.
Like you say, we could advise admins to look at their daily reports and 
adjust the time limit accordingly.  The question is how will they choose 
the number of articles in a transaction (30s for about 9 articles, 60s 
for 18...).

Julien ÉLIE

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