Overview methods and rebuild documentation

Julien ÉLIE julien at trigofacile.com
Thu Dec 24 09:59:50 UTC 2020

Hi Bo,
>> => OK with that new "OVERVIEW REBUILD" section ?
> Maybe mention
>      ctlinnd renumber ""
> for when you want to be extra sure that the active file and the overview are
> in sync?

On second thoughts, it does not do harm to add that.  Especially as a 
check to do, and for people not to be surprised of the automatical 

=item 7.

Starting INN and checking the logs to make sure everything is fine.
You will normally notice that the F<active> file is renumbered
(B<rc.news> takes care of that when run after an overview rebuild;
otherwise, manually run C<ctlinnd renumber "">).

Julien ÉLIE

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