INN 2.7.0 and development repository

Russ Allbery eagle at
Thu Dec 24 18:15:16 UTC 2020

I've been thinking about useful cleanup for INN 2.7.0 and wanted to open a
conversation about possibly moving to Git and GitHub.

The current setup with Subversion and Trac works, but it has a couple of

1. It's a unique setup among all of my projects.  I long ago moved almost
   everything to Git, and the rest of my very legacy stuff is in CVS (and
   will eventually move to Git once I clear various prerequisites).  It's
   not very hard to maintain the Subversion server and Trac server, but it
   is one more thing to maintain, upgrade with new versions of Debian,

2. Probably more compellingly, the current INN setup is wholly dependent
   on me.  If I get hit by a bus or otherwise put of commission for a
   while, everything gets irritatingly hard, since everything is on my
   private infrastructure and no one else can maintain it.  If instead we
   had a GitHub organization, it can have multiple owners and those owners
   can add more owners if necessary, and it's much easier to have

Using GitHub would also let us support pull requests if people wanted to
use that development flow (although of course nothing prevents us from
continuing to handle patches sent to the mailing list).  And we could use
GitHub Actions to automatically test new commits or pull requests, rather
than only testing nightly on snapshot generation and manually before

There are other software forges out there than GitHub and there are
reasons (generally free software / free service) reasons for wanting to
use other ones, but I don't really want to open that part of the
discussion.  I know GitHub well, already use it for work, think it's easy
enough to get information back out of it again so the chances of lock-in
aren't too high, and find the alternatives like GitLab much inferior.  So
I'd rather focus on current setup vs. GitHub.  Everything we do would be
free on GitHub, and I suspect will stay free for at least the forseeable

I can continue publishing snapshots the same way that I'm currently doing;
that part is easy to keep going and anyone else could take it over without
a ton of work.

It looks like there are a few scripts available to migrate Trac issues to
GitHub issues, so we should be able to preserve that part of the Trac
setup as well.  We don't really use the wiki, I think (although there too
GitHub has GitHub Pages, which is just rendered Markdown and is easy to
use and to get all the data back out of should we want it).

I grabbed the InterNetNews organization name on GitHub just in case we
want to use it.  (INN was already taken by an unrelated organization.)

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