INN 2.7.0 and development repository

Russ Allbery eagle at
Thu Dec 24 19:55:05 UTC 2020

Bo Lindbergh <2bfjdsla52kztwejndzdstsxl9athp at> writes:

> But seriously, it would simplify life.  I only barely managed to build
> Subversion on my new machine; the included Perl modules just failed with
> completely uninformative error messages.

Yeah, that's one of my concerns.  We're a bit off the beaten path in terms
of tooling, and while Subversion and Trac both seem to be actively
supported still, they're not the most common tools and I worry about it
becoming harder for people to get them working.

For better or worse, the entire open source community has standardized on
Git at this point (pace a few Mercurial holdouts).

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