INN 2.7.0 and development repository

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Thu Dec 24 20:54:39 UTC 2020

Russ, I'm in support of a move to Git and GitHub also.

Best, Paul

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> Subject: INN 2.7.0 and development repository
> I've been thinking about useful cleanup for INN 2.7.0 and wanted to open a
> conversation about possibly moving to Git and GitHub.
> The current setup with Subversion and Trac works, but it has a couple of
> drawbacks:
> 1. It's a unique setup among all of my projects.  I long ago moved almost
>    everything to Git, and the rest of my very legacy stuff is in CVS (and
>    will eventually move to Git once I clear various prerequisites).  It's
>    not very hard to maintain the Subversion server and Trac server, but it
>    is one more thing to maintain, upgrade with new versions of Debian,
>    etc.
> 2. Probably more compellingly, the current INN setup is wholly dependent
>    on me.  If I get hit by a bus or otherwise put of commission for a
>    while, everything gets irritatingly hard, since everything is on my
>    private infrastructure and no one else can maintain it.  If instead we
>    had a GitHub organization, it can have multiple owners and those owners
>    can add more owners if necessary, and it's much easier to have
>    continuity.
> Using GitHub would also let us support pull requests if people wanted to
> that development flow (although of course nothing prevents us from
> continuing to handle patches sent to the mailing list).  And we could use
> GitHub Actions to automatically test new commits or pull requests, rather
> than only testing nightly on snapshot generation and manually before
> committing.
> There are other software forges out there than GitHub and there are
> reasons (generally free software / free service) reasons for wanting to
> other ones, but I don't really want to open that part of the discussion.
I know
> GitHub well, already use it for work, think it's easy enough to get
> back out of it again so the chances of lock-in aren't too high, and find
> alternatives like GitLab much inferior.  So I'd rather focus on current
setup vs.
> GitHub.  Everything we do would be free on GitHub, and I suspect will stay
> free for at least the forseeable future.
> I can continue publishing snapshots the same way that I'm currently doing;
> that part is easy to keep going and anyone else could take it over without
> ton of work.
> It looks like there are a few scripts available to migrate Trac issues to
> issues, so we should be able to preserve that part of the Trac setup as
> We don't really use the wiki, I think (although there too GitHub has
> Pages, which is just rendered Markdown and is easy to use and to get all
> data back out of should we want it).
> I grabbed the InterNetNews organization name on GitHub just in case we
> want to use it.  (INN was already taken by an unrelated organization.)
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