hissqlite (was Re: ovsqlite)

Russ Allbery eagle at eyrie.org
Fri Dec 25 03:59:17 UTC 2020

Bo Lindbergh <2bfjdsla52kztwejndzdstsxl9athp at gmail.com> writes:
> Quoth Russ Allbery <eagle at eyrie.org>:

>> I'm wondering if sqlite could handle the history file.

> I'll have a look at it.

> history/buildconfig.in contains:
>> if (!-d 'hisv6') {
>>     if (-d 'history/cnfs') {
>                       ^^^^
> This is a copy-and-paste error, right?


> Step 1 seems to be merging and refactoring history/buildconfig
> and storage/buildconfig since they apparently do the same thing
> except with different names.

Yes, that would be great.

(I have been dubious for a while whether that level of indirection in the
build system is worth it.  The theory is that it makes it easy to drop in
a new backend, and makes it easy to deactivate backends, but honestly, how
often do we do that?  One option might be to get rid of that indirection

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