innd(8): post articles to groups or send to programs?

Russ Allbery eagle at
Fri Jul 31 00:54:47 UTC 2020

Kevin Shell <kshell at> writes:

> Hello list.

> When nnrpd(8) pass articles to innd(8),
> how innd(8) determine whether
> post articles to groups or send to external programs?
> Is it  determined by newsfeeds(5) ?
> newsfeeds(5) doesn't mention when aritcles are posted to newsgroups,
> when to send to newsfeeds(5) site entries/external programs.

The flow looks like this:

1. nnrpd connects to innd (generally over a local domain socket) and sends
   the article.

2. innd decides whether to accept the article based on incoming.conf
   configuration, innd-side filters, and so forth.

3. If accepted, the article is filed into the appropriate newsgroups
   (which may be control.* groups or junk depending on the settings).

4. innd then sends the article to all eligible outgoing peers as
   configured in newsfeeds.

So the decision that you are thinking of doesn't really happen in that
way.  There is no choice between sending articles to external programs and
accepting them; rather, sending articles to the newsfeeds entries is what
happens as the last stage of accepting an article (from whatever source,
including nnrpd).

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