innd(8): post articles to groups or send to programs?

kevin shell kshell at
Fri Jul 31 12:19:04 UTC 2020

Thanks for your correction. 

>3. If accepted, the article is filed into the appropriate newsgroups
>   (which may be control.* groups or junk depending on the settings).
>4. innd then sends the article to all eligible outgoing peers as
>   configured in newsfeeds.
If articles are not accepted by
innd(8) will it discard the articles or continues passing 
to newsfeeds(5) entries for processing?

I found when I post to
the articles are not posted 
directly to newsgroups,
they all passed to external commands to send to mailing 
lists, then the lists send back
to to post to groups 
from localhost.
How innd(8) is configured to
pass articles from remote clients to external commands 
but posting to newsgroups 
from localhost? 
innd(8)filters + newsfeeds(5)?

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