innd(8): post articles to groups or send to programs?

Russ Allbery eagle at
Fri Jul 31 17:30:08 UTC 2020

kevin shell <kshell at> writes:

> If articles are not accepted by
> innd(8) will it discard the articles or continues passing 
> to newsfeeds(5) entries for processing?

It will discard them.

There is an edge-case exception where if you set wanttrash to true in
inn.conf, it will accept the article but file it in the junk newsgroup
instead.  But to pass the file to feeds defined in newsfeeds, the article
has to be accepted and stored.

> I found when I post to
> the articles are not posted 
> directly to newsgroups,
> they all passed to external commands to send to mailing 
> lists, then the lists send back
> to to post to groups 
> from localhost.
> How innd(8) is configured to
> pass articles from remote clients to external commands 
> but posting to newsgroups 
> from localhost? 
> innd(8)filters + newsfeeds(5)?

I have no idea how in specific is configured, but there are a
number of ways that one could do that (mark all groups as moderated so
nnrpd doesn't pass the articles to innd in the first place, intercept the
articles in either the nnrpd or innd filters and do something else with
them rather than storing them, or of course make code modifications to

At least back in the day I'm fairly sure Gmane was not running stock INN.

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