Hardening flags

Julien ÉLIE julien at trigofacile.com
Thu Nov 12 19:58:04 UTC 2020

Hi Russ,

>>> Syncing rra-c-util will also pick up the fix for Debian bug #974024.
>> Did you commit the fix for #974024? (build issue on IPV6-only builds)
>> I do not see it.
> It's commit b7d8ecafc9d5a7a8e3d37128640061e1ad0eb9da which I think hasn't
> been synced to INN yet (although I have used Git so much that I've
> forgotten how to use Subversion, so maybe I'm missing it)... oh, yes, I
> did miss it.  I think you already synced this as r10388

Yes, exactly, it is r10388 in CURRENT.
Yet not committed to STABLE, but will do soon.

> so I think the Debian bug will be fixed by updating to code later
> than that.  (Obviously a release is a great idea.)

Seems like a yearly or every two years release (like this one) is a good 
idea.  There are always little fixes or improvements that could benefit 
to some people.

Also, FYI, automake has just included upstream our local changes to 

Only the Cygwin part has not:

     +  # For Cygwin compatibility.
     +  if [ -x "$src".exe ]; then
     +    src=${src}.exe
     +  fi

   I think this change is too dangerous. It would make it impossible to
   install foo if foo.exe exists, regardless of what was intended.
   I think Cygwin support has to be handled at a different level,
   like EXEEXT in Autoconf.

Well, we're not impacted so it's fine for this local change to install-sh.

Julien ÉLIE

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