Static builds & snapshots

Russ Allbery eagle at
Mon Nov 30 02:00:25 UTC 2020

Julien ÉLIE <julien at> writes:

> Linking with static libraries now work fine again!

> Fix will be present in upcoming INN 2.6.4:
> (issue with circular
>   dependencies + Libtool bug)
> (issue with expire.c)

> Patch submitted to improve --preserve-dup-deps in Libtool Debian package.

Great, thank you for fixing this!

> Incidentally, would it be possible to add a few configure flags to INN
> during the dailing generation of snapshots?  It would regularly test 
> that some options are still working fine.
> For instance :
> - on Monday: ./configure --enable-shared=no
> - on Tuesday: ./configure --enable-tagged-hash
> - on Wednesday: ./configure --enable-keywords
> - on Thursday: ./configure --enable-largefiles
> - on Friday: ./configure --enable-reduced-depends
> - on the other days: ./configure

We could just build with all variations every snapshot run with a make
distclean between them.  CPU is cheap.  The cron job that does that just
runs support/mksnapshot, so feel free to commit whatever iteration of
options you think would be good to test to that script.

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