INN 2.6.4 util/inndf test 6 gives different result on ppc64le on Fedora

Julien ÉLIE julien at
Wed Feb 17 06:32:52 UTC 2021

Hi Dominik,

>> Description of the inn package needs being reviewed:
> The description was written by previous maintainers. I'll update it
> according to your suggestions.


>> Also, maybe clibrary.h and config.h should not be in inn-devel but in inn.
> I'll move those as well.

My wording was not right.  They should not be included in the inn 
package either, just removed and not shipped.  They are internal header 
files used for compiling only.

> Thanks for the thorough review!

You're welcome!

Comparing with the Debian files (lists at the end of 
<> ; 
<> and 
<>), other suggestions would be:

- ship uwildmat.3 man page with inn and not inn-devel (I've just 
confirmed the reason with Marco, who remembered me that they are 
explicitly in the main Debian package because they document how
wildmat works, which is used in configuration files);

- ship more files with inews?  (see the list in the Debian package, 
including configuration files, and also rnews)

Thanks again for your work on the Fedora packaging,

Julien ÉLIE

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