Test Git repository for INN

Russ Allbery eagle at eyrie.org
Sun Jul 18 15:47:04 UTC 2021

Julien ÉLIE <julien at trigofacile.com> writes:

> Hi Russ,

>> It took me a lot longer than I had originally intended, but I have finally
>> done a test conversion of the INN repository to Git.  It is available on
>> GitHub at:
>>      https://github.com/InterNetNews/inn
>> Please take a look and let me know if you see any errors or problems.

> Also sorry for the delay to test the new setup.  Thanks for the migration!
> The new repository works fine on my side.

Thanks for testing!  And I'm not in any hurry; the world is weird right
now, and we can take our time.  :)

I've now converted all the Trac tickets.  The conversion was not ideal,
and since I thrashed about at the start and had to restart the conversion,
the numbers didn't line up, so there are some spurious cross-mentions that
created some meaningless noise in the GitHub tickets.  :(  But at least
all of the data is there, hopefully.  Attachments weren't migrated
properly but I went back and tried to do those by hand.  Any proofreading
is very welcome.

My long-term goal is to redirect inn.eyrie.org to the new GitHub
repository, but I will hold off on doing that until we're pretty sure we
have all the data we need.

The conversion pulled over a ton of labels.  I'm not sure we have enough
issues that the labels are all that necessary, but I have no strong
opinions.  We can try them for a while and delete some of them if they
don't seem helpful.

>> Once we finalize the conversion, we can do things like add .gitignore

> Would it be a .gitignore file per directory like our svn:ignore
> attribute?  (svn propget svn:ignore -R)

I've found it easier to manage Git repositories with one .gitignore file
at the top level.  Either works, but it seems easier to manage in one

>> drop $Id$ strings (Git doesn't support them)

> A "sed -i" to remove them all, with a manual changes for a few files where
> it is not as straight-forward as a mere removal?
> Same thing for $Revision$ and one $Date$ we also have.
> And AC_REVISION([$Revision$]) dropped in configure.ac.

Yup, that sounds right.

>> and so forth.

> Like updating our documentation to mention Git/git instead of
> Subversion/svn.

> I can have a look at these.

Thank you!  I have some other (non-INN) stuff that I want to work on
today, but my next goal is to fix snapshot generation to use Git and
update the web site generation to be based on Git.  Then I'll work on
adding CI using GitHub Actions.

I think we can consider the new repository open for business!

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