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Laura Steynes laura.steynes72 at gmail.com
Thu Jul 22 06:19:56 UTC 2021

Hi folks,

We are using typhoon 2.6, its some 12 years old and amazingly, on the same
hardware, with the exception of a few drives in raid changed out for
failures over the years.

We have decided to format a plan of action and present it to our board for
a replacement of all its aging hardware, so in preparation for rebuilding,
moving data over, we have some questions.

We can some 92K newsgroups, dating back with articles from 90's, all up,
about 4TB of groups, kept low because binaries groups are expired after 28
days, so my questions are

Does INN have a method or compatibility program to move this data into INN?
If not, does anyone have a suggestion of how, for instance INN in reader
more to suck all a groups content - even if takes many days, we have no
urgency to commission.

I note INN seems to have several storage types, given above - most are text
based groups, with some brief binaries groups content, which would be the
better storage format?  Remembering we have an abundance of disk space, and
we do not expire text groups articles.

Does anyone have a sensible working config file for such cases they care
to  share?

Thank you.
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