Removing obsolete control messages in INN 2.7

Julien ÉLIE julien at
Tue Nov 2 20:59:31 UTC 2021

Hi all,

I suggest a bit of clean up for obsolete control messages in INN 2.7:

- remove control/modules/{sendsys,senduuname,version}.pl;

- remove the "doifarg" keyword from controlchan and control.ctl 
documentation (it is only used for these 3 kinds of control messages);

- but keep the recognition of the sendsys, senduuname and version 
control messages in inncheck and scanlogs (because they are still 
referenced in control.ctl) as well as in the example of a 
regexp for obsolete control articles.

According to USEPRO (RFC 5537), sendsys, senduuname and version are 
obsolete (they should neither be sent nor honoured) so this seems to be 
the right thing to do for the next major INN release.

There is a common man page for send-ihave (ihave control messages) and 
send-nntp (usual articles).  I suggest to:

- remove the send-nntp script, and mention in NEWS that nntpsend or 
innfeed should be used instead;

- keep the send-ihave script as well as 
control/modules/{ihave,sendme}.pl as the ihave and sendme control 
messages are not obsolete.  Though I would be half-tempted to also drop 
them...  Even the documentation says "the author of this manpage is 
unsure as to how [send-ihave] actually works or used to work".  Indeed, 
it is not clear how ihave batch files are generated... (no examples)
If suppressed, we can also remove support for them in innreport.  Even 
if controlchan no longer needs the sitename (the newsfeeds entry for 
controlchan then no longer needs adding it), I suggest keeping it and 
doing nothing with it so as not to break existing newsfeeds entries.

Any thoughts about that?
Is there anyone here still using ihave/sendme control messages?

Julien ÉLIE

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