ref unwanted email.

Olaf Zaplinski o.zaplinski at
Thu Dec 16 22:26:17 UTC 2004

Joao Damas wrote:
> I think this probably has to do with the transfer of the mailing list 
> from RIPE to ISC earlier today.


> We (ISC) were not aware of the amount of unsolicited email that was 
> being sent to the irrtoolset list so we used the same setup we use for 
> all other ISC lists, we don't block mail.

This makes it all clear...

> RIPE's tools are not at fault here.


> The more interesting question here for me would be to get a feeling 
> about what other people feel about this, as ISC does not have a policy 
> of blocking mail to any lists hosted by us.

I expressed my feeling today already: I unsubscribed from *every* RIPE ML 
immediately to protect me from this spam flood. At least I tried - a robot 
email answer pointed me to a web site for unsubscribing. I did not know that 
irrtolset had been transferred to ISC, the last couple of weeks I had almost 
no time for reading MLs (right now I do, it's 11pm here).

To make it clear: if posting to a ML for non-members is possible, then this 
ML is the very first one I unsubscribe from. Which I did a minute ago.


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