ref unwanted email.

Joao Damas Joao_Damas at
Thu Dec 16 22:08:13 UTC 2004

I think this probably has to do with the transfer of the mailing list 
from RIPE to ISC earlier today.
We (ISC) were not aware of the amount of unsolicited email that was 
being sent to the irrtoolset list so we used the same setup we use for 
all other ISC lists, we don't block mail.
RIPE's tools are not at fault here.
The more interesting question here for me would be to get a feeling 
about what other people feel about this, as ISC does not have a policy 
of blocking mail to any lists hosted by us.

Joao Damas

On 16 Dec, 2004, at 22:41, Jon Lawrence wrote:

> On Thursday 16 December 2004 21:13, you wrote:
>> Jon Lawrence wrote:
>>> Hi all,
>>> Has the RIPE spam software broken. I seem to be getting an awfully 
>>> large
>>> amount of junk dropped into my RIPE mailing list boxes over the last
>>> couple of days.
>>> It's not been specific to this list, but I don't feel like cross 
>>> posting
>>> this to all the lists. I'm sure RIPE are aware it's happening, but 
>>> you
>>> never know :)
>>> Regards,
>>> Jon Lawrence
>> As a consequence, I unsubscribed from every RIPE list now. The amount 
>> of
>> spam reached a 4 times as usual rate within the last couple of hours. 
>> It
>> would be great if I could get a note when this spam friendly setup 
>> has been
>> fixed.
> 4 x the usual rate. I just received about 20 spam's. Normally I get 
> about half
> a dozen per month - I'm pretty sure the lists are currently set to 
> bypass my
> own filters.
> That's the only reason I mentioned it.
> Can't see the point in unsubscribing. If I want to keep up with what's
> happening in the RIPE region and possibly even take part in the future
> directions things go, then need to be on the mailing lists EOS.
> OK, lots of spam would be a major pita but in the main the RIPE lists 
> are some
> of the most spam free ML's I'm on.
> Anyway, enough discussion on this - it has nowt to do with the tools 
> :). I
> just could'nt think of a better place to post the first message 
> (should've
> gone to antispan-wg I suppose) so it went to the list where I first 
> got the
> spam.
> Jon

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