IRRToolset 4.8.2 on Debian

Ole Christian Rynning oc at
Wed Nov 2 22:21:08 UTC 2005

I have problems compiling aoe, prtraceroute, prpath, roe, CIDRAdvisor on
Debian Sarge (Stable)?

I have packages:
-tcl8.4 (and -dev)
-tk8.4 (and -dev)
-gcc 3.3.5-13
-bison 1.875d
-flex 2.5.31

I have tried configuring with different variations such as:
 env TCL_TK_INCLUDE_DIR=/usr/include/tcl8.4
TCL_LIBRARY=/usr/lib/tcl8.4 TK_LIBRARY=/usr/lib/tk8.4 ./configure

But tk is not recognized:
checking tk.h usability... no
checking tk.h presence... no
checking for tk.h... no

This leads to the applications not being compiled (i think).

Best regards,

Ole Christian

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